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Why Zurich is one of the world’s top FinTech hubs

Why Zurich is one of the world’s top FinTech hubs

“Switzerland is at the epicentre of a small revolution in the financial system”.
– Richard Ettl (Head of Smart Containers group in Zug)

by Gremis.

From Zug to Zurich, Switzerland has become known by the world for many things, namely its ever-growing crypto valley. This isn’t surprising when it’s been listed as one of the top three locations in the world when it comes to innovative progression such as blockchain technology (even Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin chose it as his place to settle in 2014). So, what’s so good about Zurich and its surroundings?

Prime location – Not only is Zurich situated in the heart of Europe with great connection to the many surrounding cities, but the location also offers high-speed internet everywhere; most occupants have access to fibre optic internet connections.

Open minds – While traditions are important, both at the local and national levels, Switzerland has always proven to be open minded regarding the trial of new technologies, often creating amazing opportunities.

Prominent universities – The Fintech hub boasts impressive universities, renown for Europe’s leading technical university, as well as being prominent global leaders in science, technology and engineering.

The home of many Fortune 500 companies – As well as companies such as Zurich Insurance company and UBS, it is also where Google’s largest office in Europe is situated.

Supporting start-ups together – Both the government, private entities and programs are teaming together in supporting, guiding and promoting local and promising digital start-ups.

Worldwide attraction – Zurich has become the “it” location for fintech, cryptocurrency companies and talents globally.

Privacy rights – Zurich can be called a global leader when it comes to privacy in banking, finance and data.

Competitive economy – The World Economic Forum (WEF) rated Zurich as one of the cities with the world’s most competitive economy. It is filled with innovation, creativity and cutting-edge technology. The country is putting a large amount of effort and investment into the digitalization of companies.

Embracing A.I. – Blockchain isn’t the only technology that Zurich has embraced. This trending revolution is being welcomed with open arms by many such as Google with their research centre for machine learning situated in the technology capital. Zurich has attracted Artificial Intelligence companies globally, as well as being ahead of many other countries in the said research and the future uses of the innovative technology.

FINTECH+ is here! – Of course, it is also a massive bonus that Zurich is the location where FINTECH+ 2018 will be held, connecting companies, experts and technology talent from all over the globe to discuss many themes around FinTech and Artificial Intelligence.


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