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Speakers and Panelists


Gero Gunkel

The Future of AI in Finance

Gero Gunkel is the Group Head of AI for Zurich Insurance. As part of Zurich`s Business Development and Innovation team, he co-launched Zurich`s first AI prototype in 2015. Since then he is driving the adoption of AI applications as well as the implementation of new use cases at Zurich across the whole insurance value chain. Previously he worked for Zurich`s internal consulting team.

Grazia Frontoso

Big Data is useless, unless you know how to use it

Grazia Frontoso is a Customer Engineer at Google in charge of supporting enterprise customers in digital transformation and Big Data analytics. In the past she worked as a Product Manager in risk management, designing solutions for the insurance industry.
She holds a PhD in Physics and is passionate about the transformational power of technology.

Martin K. Eckert

Regulatory Framework of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Martin Eckert, one of the three founding partners of MME, has broad experience in assisting international technology and commercial firms (contracts, distribution, relocation, M&A). His areas of expertise are Blockchain, IT, IP and technology law, particularly in the telecommunications and high tech sectors (inter alia medical technology). He has been appointed as an expert lawyer in negotiating many complex ITOutsourcing, Cyber Security and Data Protection (GDPR) projects, mainly for banks and insurance companies. He acts as a litigator in complex commercial law cases before arbitral tribunals and commercial state courts.

Christian Spindler

Human to Computer Interaction

Christian Spindler leads Data Analytics for IoT in PwC Switzerland. He is a technology and business expert for Robotics and Deep Learning design and application, e.g. for computer vision, voice and text understanding. His special interest is in creating great AI solutions that people enjoy working with. Christian Spindler leads a national expert group on data sharing within the Swiss Data and Service Alliance, as well as the Swiss chapter of the Industrial Data Space Association. He holds a PhD in physics from Julich Research Centre and an MBA from St. Gallen University.


Florian Graillot

InsurTech Panel

Florian is co-founder and Partner at, an early-stage/insurance fund launched in 2017. He worked with Affine, Newfund and AXA Strategic Ventures, Florian earned degrees in engineering and business, and he started as an entrepreneur with FloandYou, a fashion Internet startup. Florian regularly writes and tweets about InsurTech, AI and startups.

Alexander Bojer

InsurTech Panel

Alex is co-founder and CEO of Anivo, a digital B2B2C broker located in Switzerland and Austria who provides innovative insurance solutions through own highly flexible insurance distribution platform technology. Before, Alex worked with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and with Accenture, working in the insurance industry for more than 13 years.

Sue Britton

UN of FinTech Panel

With over 20 years of experience leading innovation in Canada’s largest and fastest growing FinTech companies, Sue is uniquely an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur.  She is CEO & Founder of the Fin+Tech Growth Syndicate, a Canadian company that accelerates the pace of innovation and partnering, through services and products for FinTech companies, Incumbent Financial Institutions and Investors.

John Hucker

UN of FinTech Panel

John is CEO of Elliott Capital, a venture builder and deconstructed accelerator, and founder of FINTECH+. After successfully building up the Swiss finteCH meetup group, he has founded and became the president of the Swiss Finance+ Technology Association. Before joining the entrepreneurial side of business, he worked in various roles at Credit Suisse, UBS, and TD Bank. He has an MBA from Saïd Business School (University of Oxford) and is a CFA.

Bernard Lunn

Wealth Management Panel

Bernard is CEO of Daily Fintech (more than 23,000 subscribers, 172 countries), which publishes original analysis from entrepreneurs, senior executives, advisers and investors around the world, monetised through advisory projects. He worked in Asia, America and Europe for many ventures in Fintech, media and outsourcing as senior executive, co-founder and adviser and brings this unique perspective to his advisory work.