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FINTECH+ A great success

FINTECH+ A great success

We are thrilled to share insights from the first FINTECH+ event, which took place successfully on October 1st & 2nd, at StageOne in Zurich. This first event focused on the practical implications of Artificial Intelligence as well as the potential it offers for the future Swiss financial services industry. The event was well covered in articles from (here and here), DailyFinTech, and Netzwoche.


A special thanks to our sponsors, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Thomson Reuters, PitchBook, KPMG, and BlackFin Capital, as well as the delegations from Canada, Spain, Holland, and Luxembourg. Thank you also to our extensive list of Network Partners.

The full list of attendees is available here. Those who attended have access to an interactive directory and library of event content via the FINTECH+ platform. Others can review the program here.

FINTECH+ is an ecosystem-based approach to facilitating business opportunities between startups, investors, and corporates with relevance to the Swiss financial center and its future. The event is designed to leverage the competitive advantages of Switzerland as a global hub for wealth management, insurance, sustainable finance, and fundraising, as well as characteristics which make it ideal to host companies engaging in external, cross-industry innovation.

Such external innovation is increasingly relevant in the financial services industry in Switzerland and other leading centers. FINTECH+ provides an effective platform for external innovations and fundraising by bringing together at one event a global ecosystem to explore market-ready technologies like artificial intelligence, and other topics like cybersecurity, internet of things, and cloud computing in the future. We do this by working with FinTech hub partners, various national trade agencies, and the natural flow of supply to meet demand in Switzerland, a small country with a large financial center.

Feedback from participants was enthusiastic, so expect to hear more information about the next event, planned for Spring 2019. Until then, stay tuned for updates from FINTECH+, including the beta launch of our platform later this year, and follow us on Twitter via @fintechplus.


John Hucker, CFA, MBA


FINTECH+ is an ecosystem platform and accelerator which brings together its community regularly for events designed to effectively facilitate business development and fundraising.

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