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FINTECH+, AI Conference & Marketplace The SWISS GLOBAL MARKETPLACE for AI October 1-2, 2018 | Zurich, Switzerland

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About The Conference

Bring together FinTech leaders from around the world in Zurich

Offer global marketplace for wealth management, insurance and sustainable finance anchored in Switzerland

Focus on 2018 theme of AI with deep dives into Big Data & Advanced Analytics, Human and Computer Interaction, Legal & RegTech


Switzerland's top international FinTech conference and trade fair

200 attendees
50% international
10 countries
30 speakers
10 investors pitching
25 exhibitors
1 VIP dinner

Why you can't miss FINTECH+

Access to capital

Access to capital

Networking with solution providers

Networking with solution providers

Geographical expansion capabilities

Geographical expansion capabilities

Tailored 1on1 meetings

Tailored 1on1 meetings

Insight Report & Reverse pitches

Insight Report & Reverse pitches

Learn from AI game-shapers

Learn from AI game-shapers

Keynote Speakers

Mark Stampfli

Digital Leader for NVIDIA

Modern Artificial Intelligence with Deep Learning for Finance – Quo vadis?

Gero Gunkel

Group Head of AI at Zurich Insurance

The Future of AI in Finance

Grazia Frontoso

Customer Engineer at Google

Big Data is useless, unless you know how to use it

Christian Spindler

IoT Lead, Data Scientist at PwC

Human to Computer Interaction

Martin K. Eckert

Legal expert and Law partner at MME

Regulatory Framework of Big Data and AI


Wealth Management

A discussion about state of the art technology and AI solutions and their impact on the transformation of the wealth management industry


Panelists will discuss how InsurTech opens up the insurance industry and triggers the transformation of incumbents into progressive technology companies

Sustainable Finance

How can FinTech enhance projects around environmental sustainability, financial inclusion and humanitarian initiatives, and what new solutions stem from innovation within this field?

UN of FinTech

Countries' representatives will discuss trends of the global FinTech landscape and initiatives to connect the international FinTech community

Conference Schedule October 1-2, 2018

Day 01 full schedule

October 1, 2018

Welcome Address by John Hucker

Opening Keynote by Marc Stampfli

Gero Gunkel - How to use AI to drive business performance

InsurTech Panel

Networking break

Grazia Frontoso - Big Data is useless, unless you know how to use it

Sustainable Finance Panel

Networking Lunch break

Christian Spindler - How to develop trust in AI

Wealth Management Panel

Martin K. Eckert - Legal considerations you need to know when setting up an AI project

Networking break

UN of Fintech Panel

Closing remarks

Networking Apero

Day 02 full schedule

October 2, 2018

Welcome Address

4 Pitches, each 15'

Networking break

4 Pitches, each 15'

Closing remarks

Lunch break

Workshops, Presentations and 1on1 meetings

The end

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